The data repository for spectroscopists

With automatic data upload and built-in spectrum previews for NMR and EPR spectroscopy

LOGS secures primary raw data consistently and reliably, using functionality developed in close collaboration with its academic user base.

LOGS introduction

LOGS - tailored to the daily scientific workflow

Lab Organisation Group Sites – for scientists by scientists

Rely on automatic data uploads

LOGS can be set up on local hardware, from where it retrieves measured data from lab instruments autonomously and periodically, requiring no manual interaction.

This ensures a seamless and complete primary data repository, with no gaps due to missing or forgotten uploads.

Scientists can focus on their research, while LOGS takes care of dataset uploads, backups and data quality control automatically.

Pinpoint and retrieve data intuitively

You can access LOGS from your lab, your home, or at a conference, simply by using your browser on any operating system.

LOGS provides tools to effortlessly search, view and order your data, such as filter functions, tables and tags. Click on a dataset in a table to view the spectrum immediately.

You can group your data (e.g. by person, sample or date of acquisition) and bundle them into a single download.

Ensure good laboratory practice

Funding agencies across the world require guaranteed access to raw data for up to ten years. Groups found to be out of compliance risk losing access to future funding.

LOGS centrally stores data to help you comply with long-term data retention regulations. Data remains accessible even after project members move on.

Through its off-site, hosted model, it protects data from hard disk crashes, fire and theft.

LOGS - built in collaboration with our users

Key LOGS features are the result of a continuous feedback loop with our user base

Keep all your data in one place

Automatically upload data from your NMR or EPR spectrometer.

Access your data from anywhere.

Archive notes, theses, and reports with the data.

Never lose your data, whatever happens

Secure your data in transfer and at rest, using strong encryption.

Eliminate the risk of hard disk crashes thanks to automated, online backups.

Document sample storage locations across generations of students.

Search, preview and tag your data

Search and sort your datasets, samples, and instruments.

Easily find your data through custom tagging.

Instantly preview your spectra (NMR and EPR spectroscopy).

Benefit from proven SaaS technology

Save administration and hardware costs.

Go live with LOGS in five minutes.

Use LOGS independently of operating system.

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SIGNALS is developing LOGS in close collaboration with partners from academia and industry.