Keeping your spectrometers network secure and your data accessible

Keep your spectrometers in a secured and isolated network, while easily managing and securing access your scientific data. … Read More


Funding agencies start making the implementation of the FAIR principles mandatory for data management strategies

The principles have gained more and more significance over the last few years. After a  analysis reported on the European economy losing 10.2 billion € every year for not having FAIR research data plus an additional amount of 16 billion … Read More


Successful lab research data management needs two components: an electronic lab notebook and a data repository for internal lab use

In recent years, governmental organizations and funding bodies have held the scientific community to increasingly higher standards concerning data retention. While it was enough to store primary data for 10 years after its publication a few years ago, today researchers … Read More


LOGS Release 1.7.7

Introduction of LOGS editions for facilities, academics and enterprises. Improved full text searching and sorting. Group and download datasets by sample. … Read More


Inside LOGS: Comparing acquisition parameters for multiple experiments

The Parameter Comparison tool enables scientists to quickly and easily access and compare their experimental acquisition parameters. … Read More