Life and Times of digital data

Research data is saved on different types of storage media, but how reliable are these systems that we use for long-term storage? What other options are there? … Read More


How can you get your students to responsibly deal with their experimental data on a daily basis?

Following up on research data that dates back is impossible at worst, tedious at best. The more time has passed since acquisition, the harder it gets to find, access and understand the data. This is especially challenging if the PhD … Read More


Inside LOGS: the interactive viewer

With our blog series Inside LOGS we would like to introduce some of LOGS's feature highlights in detail. The interactive LOGS spectrum viewer enables scientists to access their data quickly and easily for discussions, reviews and presentations from anywhere in the world. … Read More


LOGS Release 1.6.0

Integration of Bruker IconNMR, new dataformats and more … Read More


Essentials for a data management plan for spectroscopists

In order to ensure data and its metadata preservation, funding agencies have made data management plans (DMPs) requisite for the approval of funding. Data management plans need to be tailored to the scientific fields they are to be employed in, and their planning consequently grows quickly into a complex and challenging task. However, some aspects of DMPs are the same for all fields, and software tools facilitating compliant data handling are gaining more and more importance. … Read More