Essentials for a data management plan for spectroscopists

In order to ensure data and its metadata preservation, funding agencies have made data management plans (DMPs) requisite for the approval of funding. Data management plans need to be tailored to the scientific fields they are to be employed in, and their planning consequently grows quickly into a complex and challenging task. However, some aspects of DMPs are the same for all fields, and software tools facilitating compliant data handling are gaining more and more importance. … Read More


LOGS for Service Facilities

Today’s solutions used for data distribution were never meant to serve this purpose and only found application due to lack of alternatives. LOGS for Service Facilities offers a safe and easy way to automatically distribute data from multiple instruments to the scientists. It securely and quickly uploads experimental data and its metadata to a LOGS server that can be set up locally or online. … Read More


The DFG Requires Scientific Data Retention, Accessibility and Provides Funding for Academic Institutions

The DFG supports scientists with guidelines and funding to avoid data loss and ensure the accessibility of research data. … Read More


LOGS Release 1.4.12

LOGS now supports and automatically secures Raman data. … Read More

Case Studies

The CVUA Karlsruhe saves months of work using LOGS to organize and prepare spectroscopic data


The CVUA in Karlsruhe spent months on getting their data prepared for their analysis. The data was sorted manually according to specific criteria in a very time-consuming process. With rising number of criteria, the time needed to sort the data increased exponentially. Trying to find the required NMR spectra using the related metadata was a challenging process.


Today, the CVUA scientists sort data with a couple of mouse clicks, using LOGS features. LOGS automatically uploads all data from the spectrometer and through search and filter functions makes it permanently accessible for further investigations, linked with all relevant metadata.


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