LOGS Release 1.6.0

Integration of Bruker IconNMR, new dataformats and more


Integration of IconNMR

For Bruker NMR instrument users:

User entries in IconNMR are assigned to LOGS datasets, allowing full automation of the dataset upload and data assignment process.

Further functionality includes:

  • Realtime upload of finished measurements
  • IconNMR status overview dashboard in LOGS, with
    • Experimental queue display for each spectrometer (upper figure)
    • Holder queue display for each spectrometer
    • Measurement history display for each spectrometer
  • IconNMR accounting page (lower figure)

If you are interested in incorporating IconNMR with LOGS, contact us at

New dataformat: images

Laboratory techniques, e.g. blots and gels, can generate datasets that consist of images.
These are recognised by LOGS and can be uploaded automatically, added as datasets and assigned to samples, in analogy to datasets created by more typical spectroscopic techniques.

Currently recognised are files of type jpg, png and tiff.

New EPR dataformat: FSC2

The dataformat “fsc2” ( can be found in use by several EPR groups. LOGS supports this format and recognizes the datasets for automatic upload, display and searching.

New microscopy imaging dataformat: CZI

The microscopy dataformat of type Carl Zeiss image (*.CZI) is recognised and supported by LOGS.

Authentication log added

A log of all login attempts is saved and stored under:

Successful and unsuccessful attempts are stored with the originating IP Address.

Further additions and fixes

  • Added option to define field “other” in custom automatic upload configuration.
  • Simplified folder structure inside downloaded dataset zip files.
  • Improved CSV file export for “Search page”
  • Automatic entry of “prepared by” date from current date in add sample dialog
  • Improvement to speed of automatic upload for freshly acquired datasets
  • Bugfix in handling of datasets of type Magnettech (EPR) that don’t contain data
  • Bugfix in preview for Bruker Topspin 4 datasets (NMR).

Obtaining the LOGS release

  • For online users, the update is automatic. You don’t have to do anything!
  • For LOGS platforms installed on local sites: The admins will receive download links with installation instructions shortly, by email.

For further information feel free to contact us.

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