LOGS Release 1.7.7

Introduction of LOGS editions for facilities, academics and enterprises. Improved full text searching and sorting. Group and download datasets by sample.


LOGS Editions - tailored to user groups

For academic service facilities

Automatically distribute data from multiple instruments to the scientists. Users can access and download their data from LOGS for further use. Data access is controlled by a permissions system.

For academic group leaders and researchers

Keep your data findable, accessible and retrievable. Store experimental parameters and documents linked to measurements and maintain reusability.

For corporate laboratories

Create a central data repository with automatic data and experimental parameter retention. Create a centrally managed data accesspoint within the company network, and communicate or share data securely with customers.

Improved datasets sorting and grouping

Sort and group your dataset tables by

  • Session – measurements are grouped by instrument, spectrometer operator and adjacent time windows
  • Sample – measurements are grouped by Sample, in chronological order of acquisition time
  • Acquisition or Claim Date – measurements are displayed chronologically by acquisition or claim time

Default dataset sorting for “LOGS for Facilities” is by acquisition date. Other editions group dataset measurements by session.

Download measurements by sample

All datasets belonging to one sample can be downloaded with the click of a button.

The shortcut is placed on the Sample detail view page on the upper right (see screenshot).

Documents - filtering and sorting

In addition to the existing “Owner” and “Project” filters, Documents can now be filtered by “Author”.

Further additions and fixes

  • New: option to give users “Add project” permissions in custom autoload configuration.
  • Addition of End User License Agreement (EULA) to “About” page.
  • Login records now contain the group of the accessed LOGS instance.
  • IconNMR accounting report: added accounting filename and option of searching and matching dataset name patterns
  • Added option to add an administrative user by “add-admin-user” command to LOGS server command line interface.

Obtaining the LOGS release

  • For online users, the update is automatic. You don’t have to do anything!
  • For LOGS platforms installed on local sites: The admins will receive download links with installation instructions shortly, by email.

For further information feel free to contact us.

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