LOGS Release 1.4.12

LOGS Release 1.4.12

Last Updated: November 15, 2017

LOGS now supports and automatically secures Raman data.


  • Safety feature - storage space checking
  • Incorporation of Raman datasets in LOGS
  • Further additions and fixes

Safety feature - storage space checking

LOGS now checks the space available for storage before carrying out an automatic data upload. If the data size exceeds the available storage space, the autoload is not carried out.

Incorporation of Raman datasets in LOGS

Raman spectra can now be uploaded and secured automatically with LOGS. Users can search, access, download and display the spectra in the browsers spectrum viewer. This applies for spectra of in-house data formats used by specific current LOGS users. Contact us if you wish your data format to be included.

Further additions and fixes

FT-IR Bruker data format: parser improved for handling large data files. EPR Bruker data format: Automatic upload enabled for files without acquisition time. Now the “mtime” (time of last modification) is used. Bugfix: file downloads for users with special characters in their username now works again. Bugfix: uploading and file display in LOGS now also works for files with names that have special characters Bugfix: Recently entered content in LOGS did not display immediately to users. The source for this cache bug was removed.

Obtaining the LOGS release

For online users, the update is automatic. You don’t have to do anything! For LOGS platforms installed on local sites, we are emailing download links with installation instructions to the admin contact.
For further information feel free to contact us.

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