LOGS Release 2.1

LOGS Release 2.1

Last Updated: September 11, 2020

New and improved spectrum viewer, display 1D and pseudo 2D spectra and multitudes of new data formats.


  • New data formats
  • Browser spectrum viewer improvements
  • COVID19-NMR Project
  • Further additions and fixes

New data formats

Signals developers are continuously implementing new data formats, and release 2.1 comes with a number of additional measuring methods and formats. Example views of the data, within the LOGS browser interface, are displayed in the figures at right (click to zoom). The following data formats are currently supported (listed in alphabetical order, by measuring method and instrument vendor):

  • CD Spectroscopy (1)
    • Jasco (J-810)
  • EPR Spectroscopy (4)
    • Bruker
    • Specman4EPR
    • Magnettech
    • FSC2
  • IR spectroscopy (2)
    • Avantes (Avasoft)
    • FT-IR Bruker (Opus)
  • HPLC/LC (5)
    • Bio-Rad NGC
    • GE Healthcare (Äkta)
    • Hitachi
    • Chromstar7
    • Shimadzu
  • ITC (1)
    • Malvern (Panalytical)
  • Imaging (2)
    • Biorad Geldoc XR Plus
    • Imager
  • Liquid Chromatography (3)
    • Bio-Rad
    • GE Healthcare (Äkta)
    • Hitachi (HPLC)
  • Mass Spectrometry (1)
    • MS Open Format (mzXML)
  • Moessbauer Spectroscopy (1)
    • Ascii (Homebuilt)
  • NMR Spectroscopy (4)
    • Bruker
    • Jeol
    • Magritek
    • Varian
  • Raman (1)
    • Princeton Instruments
  • UV/Vis Spectroscopy (4)
    • Avantes (Avasoft)
    • Jasco (Jasco V-550)
    • Thermo Scientific (NanoDrop 1000)
    • Varian (Cary)
  • X-Ray diffraction (1)
    • Bruker
  • Generic Ascii
    • Flexible Signals parser for generic Ascii formats

If you have custom data formats, e.g. developed over time in your lab, we can accommodate these too. Just get in touch.

Browser spectrum viewer improvements

  • New viewer layout, with multiple spectrum and metadata and parameter views
  • Existing spectrum annotations now displayable with primary data

  • For Bruker NMR:
    • Display of multiple processed NMR spectra (Bruker NMR)
    • Upload and display of processed spectra (from spectrometer)
    • A manual upload of existing datasets is recognized by LOGS, and will result in a dataset update

COVID19 NMR Project

This newsletter is normally reserved for just one thing: LOGS release news.

However, due to current events, we want to draw your attention to the COVID19 NMR project.

NMR data and analysis on samples relevant to Covid19 research is being acquired and carried out by researchers in a collaboration spanning the world.

The resulting data is then shared with unprecedented speed and transparency.

Visit covid19-nmr.com and pitch in.

Further additions and fixes

  • Marked performance enhancement in automatic upload of datasets When claiming multiple datasets in one go, the dataset id is sorted by acquisition date
  • Various bug fixes

Obtaining the LOGS release

For online users, the update is automatic. You don’t have to do anything! For LOGS platforms installed on local sites, we are emailing download links with installation instructions to the admin contact.
For further information feel free to contact us.

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