LOGS Release 2.3

LOGS Release 2.3

Last Updated: August 9, 2021


  • New LOGS Viewer
  • New data formats
  • Processing Pipeline (first version, for NMR only)

New LOGS Viewer

In Release 2.3, we improved the spectrum visualization with additional functionalities. With the LOGS viewer you can inspect your data independent from third-party software by just using a web browser. Watch the video below to see all functionalities of the viewer.

Processing Pipeline

In addition to viewing your data, we want to enable you to process or analyze data directly in LOGS. For that, we are implementing the Processing Pipeline, consisting of different building blocks for separate processing/analysis steps. These blocks will be further expanded in future releases. 

With Release 2.3, the Processing Pipeline allows users to process 1D NMR data, with further blocks being implemented in the near future. If you want to have your own processing workflow implemented here, please contact us at support@logs-repository.com

New data formats

A number of new data formats have been implemented. If you have a data format you would like to have included in LOGS, get in contact with us.

  • GC
    • Agilent
  • IR
    • PerkinElmer
    • Jasco 420

  • LC
    • Hitachi Lachrom
  • MS (Raw)
    • Thermo Fischer Scientific
  • MRI
    • Bruker Paravision
  • NMR
    • Magritek Spinsolve

  • Sequence/Sequencing
    • Xeasy
    • Applied Biosystems
  • UV/Vis
    • Horiba Fluorolog
  • XPS
    • Phobios Specslab 

Further additions and fixes

  • Various bug fixes and small improvements

Obtaining the LOGS release

For online users, the update is automatic. You don’t have to do anything! For LOGS platforms installed on local sites, please use the install/update script.
For further information feel free to contact us.

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